It is group of selfless individuals - whose goal is only to help the community via education. 

As we believe, only education can help the community, society, and nation to develop and rise.

Be a part of this noble cause.

                 "Our Actions and Prayers Should be for God Only"

SWF was conceptualized way back in 2002 by group of individual from different professions and businesses. Our core management team are professionals who have studied, lived, and worked in United States before returning back to India with the sole objective of "giving it back to the community".  Through the years, more like minded members joined; they brought new systems and experiences to run the foundation in a more systematic manner. Today, with the result, a professional system has been developed to track student's performances, payment systems to the schools have been automated, individual students tracking mechanisms are on track, parent - foundation interaction happens more often, and more programs are added to the functioning of the foundation.