How Can You Help ?

Help us in identifying a needy student by simply calling us at            



You can help us with your time or money to keep this program alive.

Our Working is Very Simple:

1. We Usually work through schools; they help us to identify a needy student (who is unable to pay his/her tuition fees or is on verge of getting dropped out). But, nowadays, we do get "walk-ins" in our office - through word of mouth.

2. Physical Survey/verification is done on the above student (in order to verify the genuinety of the case). The survey is done by Volunteers living in nearby areas. Their decision on approval/disapproval is final. 

3. Once approved, the funds are arranged by our members/volunteers, and the tuition fees is directly paid to the school on a monthly basis. The funds are raised by sending emails to all our community members. 

4. The school provides us with monthly Student Performance sheet which has an update on a student - with regards to his/her attendance and monthly test (if any). 

5. Any Student whose attendance falls below 80% or marks below 60% are called to the office along with their parents. A warning is given to them for the first time, and if the student repeats the same performance; then his/her name is dropped from future funding - as we believe that "only deserving and committed students should be be given assistance".