Community Welfare School (CWS)


 CWS is located in Rahim Nagar - Dudauli area of Lucknow city. 

The area is inhibited by the rag-pickers of the city - hence has a very large illiterate population among different communities live here.

The purpose of this Welfare School is to provide them with good education, infuse good moral values, and focus on skill development among the adult population.

The school will also address their medical needs, acts as a cloth bank, and provide information to several government welfare schemes.

The school was inaugurated on May 1, 2016; and academically Classes Nursery to Class 1 was started simultaneously. And every new academic year, a new class is added. The school has a huge playground area, along with clean drinking water facilities, clean toilets, a library, and a computer lab.

The students of Class Nursery and above classes are also given hands on working with computers. 

CWS is recognized by U.P. Government of Education from Class Nursery to Class 8 - English Medium.

The School can be easily reached via Sitapur Road, just little ahead of Aliganj - Purania Bridge.


GPS Coordinates are: 


                            26.913357, 80.918560


You can always visit the school, and motivate young children. 


Please Visit School Website for More Details: