Education leads to removal of illiteracy from the society - which cultivates in Success - leading to Overall Development of Area, City and Nation Building.

Education infuses good character among the children - which leads to preservation of moral values among the society.

Education is the ONLY way to bring different group of people on one common platform.

Community Welfare School started as a pilot project in year 2016. Rahim Nagar Dudauli, a area inhibited by rag-pickers was chosen for this project. Presently CWS has over 300 students, and it covers entire children of entire area - whose parents are poor and are unable to afford expensive education in surrounding schools. A highly subsidized tuition fees is charged to the students. The school is run on charitable funding without which it will be very difficult to sustain.

Scholars Welfare Foundation is a Community Driven Non-Profit Organization- where members are from different walks of life. You are as much part of this Organization as others...with the sole objective of making sure that community gets educated with whatever resources we can pool it togerther.

Since, we do not accept any Government Grants/aides - hence all the funds are raised within the community only. And as a policy, we do not have any office running expenses; as it is all driven by volunteers such as you and me.

Most of our programs are centered around education; primarily towards primary and secondary education. Around 80% of our funds are utilized for primary education (till Class 8). We have funded over 10,800 deserving student's tuition fees till 2018. 

  • SWF is a "Zero Overhead" Expense Organization.
  • Funds Received Goes Exclusively Towards Education Only.
  • 100% Volunteer Driven Programs.
  • Members From All Walks of Life.
  • Community Based and Controlled.
  • Decisions Are Made By Group of Members.

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Community Welfare School's goal was to provide modern education to the children of Rahim Nagar Dudauli area of Lucknow city. The journey of CWS began in year 2015, and the school was completed by April 2016. The first batch of 55 students were enrolled from July 2016. At present (2019), we have over 300 students - who are from extremely poor or single families. The school offers them to experience a modern place to study with a playground space, proper toilets, modern and airy classrooms, library, computer lab and clean drinking water facility.

We are extremely proud of our teachers that in such a short time - the school has built a reputation, through word of mouth, in providing moral based modern education. The school follows CBSE pattern, and uses NCERT books for teaching. 

If you would like to volunteer in school for teaching arts, crafts, drama, music, etc; please feel free to send us an email : or call the school directly @ +91 7081089538.

Since it is a community driven venture - hence it counts on your inputs for it to grow.