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Project Anam


Project Anam is an adult literacy program, which started in December 2013 as a pilot project to provide learning tools to those student - who because of money couldn't go to schools in their earlier growing years.

At present, this program is conducted in 4 various locations of Lucknow City. Overall 560 students have benefited from this program. The average age of the student in this program is 16 years.

This is a 6 months program - 2 hours everyday. We provide textbook and notebooks in this program. At the end of the 6 month course, a student gets a literacy certificate from the foundation.

English, Hindi, Basic Mathematics and Urdu are covered in the curriculum. A student is also tested on his drawing and painting skills.

After completion of this course, a student is able to write his name, construct a basic sentence, and perform basic mathematical calculations.